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Online Giving

Please send your offering to Lindale electronically using directions below


Mail your check to:

Lindale Mennonite Church

P.O. Box 85 

Linville, VA 22834-0085

Online Giving Directions:

From Park View Federal Credit Union Account to Lindale:

Log into your PVFCU account at

Click on “Transfers” at the top center of the page

In the “From” Section – Select the account you would like to move money from.

In the “To” Section – Select “Add a Recipient” at the bottom of the drop down list.

In the 1st Line – Type LIN for the First 3 letters of the account name

In the 2nd Line – Select Savings

In the 3rd Line – Account Suffix

    Type – “0” for the General Fund

    Type – “1” for the Haiti Fund

    Type – “2” for the Deacons Fund

    Type – “3” for the Building Fund

In the 4th Line – Enter 18498 for the Member ID

Select “Verify Recipient” at the Bottom Left

On the next page you can add a Nickname to each account you link. I would recommend adding (General, Haiti, Deacons, or Building) so that you can differentiate them later. 

Once you have completed the process above, the Lindale account that you have added will be listed at the bottom of your accounts in the “To” section on the Transfers Page. 


From a Credit Card and all other Financial Institutions

Select the following Link from your computer to access the direct line to Lindale’s Tithe.Ly’s online giving account.  Tithe-Ly Online Giving

Once you have accessed the Tith.Ly page you can select to give to Lindale’s General Fund, Deacon’s Fund, or Building Fund. You can make a one-time gift or you can select the reoccurring box and set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gift. Next you would enter your credit card or financial institution information. (One place to find the information needed for you financial institution is at the routing and account numbers at the bottom of your check.) At the bottom of the Tith.Ly giving form you can select to “Remember Me” and set up an account password and pin. This will allow you to easily log in later and you can also access information about your previous gifts. 


From your mobile device

In your App Store – Search and Download the App. 

Once you have downloaded the App, you will need to “Create an Account” and follow the apps instructions to link your accounts with Lindale. 

Thank you for the generosity and continued support of the ministries of Lindale Mennonite Church. If you have any trouble or questions regarding online giving, please contact a treasurer. 

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